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C A S I D I N G  &  A S S O C I A T E S

         L  A W  O F F I C E 





TThe firm has adequate experience in representing clients in all court levels in cases involving probate of wills, intestate estate proceedings and legal intervention for excluded heirs or creditors, and accounting and inventory of the estate of decedent. 

The firm has wide experience in handling cases at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and in rendering legal advice involving registration, clinical trials,  quality, labelling and advertisement of drugs, food supplements, cosmetics, biological, and medical devices. 

We accept online consultation for our overseas clients.

The firm has extensive experience in rendering advice to and representing clients in all court levels in cases involving legal separation, annulment of marriage, declaration of absolute nullity of marriage..

The Firm has extensive experience

in drafting, reviewing and 

conceptualizing agreements 

related to sale, mortgages, lease 

and usufruct of real property

Our Firm can represent clients in 

civil and/or criminal cases on 

infringement of patents and 

trademarks, or unfair competition in 

regular courts of law

The Firm’s services 

cover actual representation, 

drafting and review of 

complaints,counter-affidavits and other pleading

to be filed in preliminary

investigations at the 

prosecutor’s office.

Our Firm has wide knowledge, 

experience and expertise in 

handling labor controversies related

to illegal dismissals, retrenchments, 

redundancy of functions, retirement of employees

The Firm provides services related 

to immigration cases in the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation...

The Firm has a comprehensive

experience in commercial law with 

business entities involved in drug 

distribution and importation, trading,sale of food supplement, banking . . .